Areas of practice
Civil LawDamagesFamily lawLabour and social security lawCriminal lawCommercial lawTax lawAdministrative lawPublic procurement law
  • representation of clients in litigation and pre-trial proceedings;
  • preparation and review of agreements: rent, lease, loan, donation, all kinds of contracts, construction contracts and broadly understood innominate contracts;
  • consultancy in matters attending the conclusion of sale agreement, including selling real estates, premises and farms in the primary and secondary markets;
  • consultancy in matters regarding securing the client in relation to the conclusion of the loan agreement, helping borrowers in negotiations with the bank and obtaining a satisfactory solution;
  • handling matters relating to the protection and exercise of property rights, perpetual usufruct, mortgage, pledge, easement and acquisitive prescription. In this area, our services include also help in the title search for the property and legal analysis of contracts related to the acquisition of real estate;
  • provision of legal assistance in the field of inheritance law, including the representation of clients in cases of confirmation of inheritance acquisition, division of inheritance, rejection of inheritance, legitim and advice on inheritance of farms;
  • carrying cases for protection of personal rights and the protection of copyright;
  • advice in matters falling under cooperative law and protection of right of ownership.
  • assistance in claiming compensations for damages resulting from traffic accidents, including those under collision, comprehensive and third party insurance. In addition to the basic issue that is demanding the compensation for damage to the vehicle, our Firm helps the Clients to obtain reimbursement of costs related to lease of replacement vehicle, towing and loss of value of the vehicle;
  • assistance in obtaining damages for personal injuries, damage to health or death of a close relative;
  • conducting proceedings relating to claims of patients against health care units resulting from medical errors of doctors and other medical staff;
  • ensuring assistance in all categories of compensation cases providing the services of specialists, experts, physicians, whose knowledge and experience allow us to secure the client’s interests in the best possible way;
  • provision of assistance in matters relating to damages claim for non-performance or improper performance of obligations under the loan, sell, rent or lease agreement, specific task or mandate contract, contract for services and others;
  • consultancy in matters related to the liquidation of agricultural damage;
  • representation in matters related to the violation of personal rights.
  • provision of legal assistance in divorce, separation and annulment of marriage cases;
  • representation in cases regarding alimony and establishing contact with the child;
  • handling cases of deprivation, restriction and suspension of parental authority and the search for optimal solutions aimed at the welfare of minor children;
  • representation in cases of separation of property between spouses and preparation of and consultancy in pre- or post-nuptial agreements;
  • carrying out cases for the division of joint property, both in court and out of court, along with the development of optimal variants, allowing to secure the client’s interests in the best possible way;
  • consultancy and representation in cases of incapacitation when establishment of care or guardianship is needed;
  • cooperation with entities dealing with issues related to obtaining family allowances from the European Union.
  • representation of employees and employers in litigation regarding:

– compensation for wrongful or unjustified termination of employment,
– payment of salary arrears;
– establishment of the existence of an employment relationship;
– work reinstatement;
– discrimination and harassment;
– cases related to accidents at work.

  • consultancy both in terms of individual and collective labour law. The lawyers of our Firm prepare draft legislation in the field of labour law, including employment contracts, work regulations, remuneration regulations, rules of employee benefit funds, managerial contracts;
  • assistance in the field of educational law, in particular in the regulations related to the obligation to use the Teacher’s Charter. We represent the clients in disputes arising out of employment and appointment of teachers, working time and teaching load.
  • provision of legal assistance in the field of social security law, including handling cases related to the preparation of appeals against decisions of the Social Insurance Institution and the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund.
  • representation of clients in criminal cases before prosecutors or the police, and at the stage of judicial proceedings;
  • carrying out penal-fiscal cases at the stage of control before the tax office, as well as before courts in cases of fiscal crimes and offences;
  • assisting clients in matters related to the suspicion of having committed an offence, giving penalty notice, including assistance in the recovery of seized driving license;
  • representation of entrepreneurs in criminal cases related to the their business operation;
  • representation of victims of crimes, appearing in the proceedings as auxiliary prosecutors, which results in a number of benefits associated with compensation for damage or the possibility of seeking redress.
  • provision of legal services related to the current legal assistance and tax consultancy, regardless of the legal form of the business. The above range includes, above all, providing opinions and drafting contracts, in order to protect the client’s interests, as well as representation of entrepreneurs in disputes with contractors, both at the stage of pre-trial proceedings and in court proceedings;
  • assisting in the selection of the best form of economic activity, in particular with regard to tax law, including the preparation of memoranda or other corporate acts related to the functioning of commercial companies. As part of these services we also provide legal support in activities connected with shareholders’ general meetings, as well as in preparing the necessary legal documentation related to the operation of business entities and conducting proceedings related to the registration of changes and the entry of new entities in the National Court Register;
  • consultancy in the process of reorganization and merger of commercial law companies, as well as at the decision-making stage for reorganization and merger. In this respect, our Firm cooperates with the expert auditors, whose assistance is necessary for analysis of the tax entities, who are going to change the form of their economic activity;
  • representation of creditors and debtors in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings;
  • consultancy in banking law, including provision of legal services for banks;
  • provision of legal services in the field of e-commerce, including the creation of business rules for online stores.
  • advising on tax planning and tax optimization in order to select the most advantageous forms of economic activity to the taxpayer and provision of most preferred embodiment to carry out economic operations;
  • performing tax analysis of domestic and international commercial transactions both in terms of income tax, tax on goods and services, as well as tax on civil law transactions.
  • consultancy in the subject of local taxes and fees, agricultural tax and forestry tax;
  • helping public sector entities obliged to apply the Polish Public Finance Act and the laws related to it;
  • representation in tax cases before tax offices and offices of tax inspections, as well as before administrative courts and general courts in criminal and fiscal cases.
  • representation before public administration authorities, including assistance in obtaining administrative decisions and representation before administrative courts;
  • carrying out cases falling under administrative law, in particular in the field of construction law, water law, environmental law and real estate management act;
  • conducting cases in the scope of the Act on Foreigners and the Act on Polish Citizenship, in particular for obtaining a residence permit in the Republic of Poland, obtaining the status of long-term resident of the EU, as well as the certification of Polish citizenship;
  • provision of legal assistance in the field of broadly understood veterinary law, including provision of legal services for budget entities such as veterinary inspectorates and advising farmers within the scope of solving the legal complexities of the veterinary law in their current activities.
  • provision of legal assistance in the field of public procurement law for both the authorities and contractors in proceedings for awarding a public contract. Specialists of our Firm shall ensure the proper and reliable preparation of project documentation and advise at the tender preparation stage of the public contract awarding procedures;
  • representation of parties before the National Board of Appeal of the President of the Public Procurement Office and before courts in the appeal proceedings.